Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make the Change Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio

Make the Change Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio

Join me in conversation with my team of professional colleagues, family, and friends as we navigate together a better way to "Make the [positive] Change" that we all so eagerly chase.

During the US Government Shutdown of 2013, my family faced some uncertain moments about our finances, our professional lives, and our government function.  I realized that the solution to my personal issues and those of our great nation my very well lie in the quiet majority that I so comfortably reside in at the moment.  While I enjoy a good dramatic TV show and occasional movie, any unwarranted drama in my life is unwanted and more often than not avoided.  I realize that my aversion to what I previously considered political drama was contributing to the instability of the great nation that I love.  I have to do something - no, more importantly, we have to do something and fast!  The something I turned to was to speak out and bring you along with me in hopes that this is not my voice but our voice that will be heard.  I don't think I have all the answers, but I know I have some great questions and techniques to share.  No doubt we can collaboratively come up with a great path to travel together. 

This is NOT a partisan blog nor one that focuses solely on politics.  We WILL talk politics, money, communication, collaboration, accountability, responsibility, relationships, positive intent and we will do some root cause analysis at the individual, couple, family, team, community, and national levels.  We will discuss, passionately at times, always with dignity and remembering that we are on the same team and are Americans who want our families, neighbors, communities and the country at large to prosper fiscally, morally, and respectfully above all else.

Our inaugural live show is on Monday, 10/21/13, at 6:30pm Central time and entitled: Money Monday. We will focus on how to live on what you earn, prioritize what you want and need to do, and how that can improve your personal and professional relationships.

Join me at 6:30pm central time for 30 informative, fun, and thought provoking minutes.  Please share with your friends and call in: (619) 924-0806

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